After developing and testing an app, you can upload it to your Zendesk Support instance so agents can start using it. You can upload and install apps only if your Zendesk Support account is on the Professional or Enterprise plan. For instructions, see Uploading and installing your private app in Zendesk Support.

If your Zendesk Support account is on the Essential or Team plan, Zendesk offers developers a free, sponsored Enterprise account for testing and debugging apps. The only condition is that you don't use the account to provide actual support. See Request a sponsored test account.

Zendesk strongly recommends using the Zendesk App Tools to validate and package your apps for uploading.

If you built a private app that other Zendesk Support users might find useful, submit it for the Zendesk Apps Marketplace. To submit your app for approval, see apps.zendesk.com.

If you run into any uploading problems, be sure your zip file doesn't have any odd files or folders. This includes anything that might be hidden. See below. If problems persist, we're happy to help in the Zendesk Apps community.

All apps must be uploaded in a zip format, with a specific file directory. This is what a typical zip file should look like:

Name Dir/File Description Required?
manifest.json File Basic information about the app. Learn more Yes
app.js File Source code of the app. Yes
app.css File Stylesheet. Learn more No
translations Dir Contains one file for each locale. Learn more No
templates Dir Contains templates for the app. Learn more No
assets Dir Contains images for the app. Learn more No
lib Dir Contains source code for any CommonJS modules used in the app No

Or like this:

The naming conventions used above must be followed exactly or your app will fail to upload.