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Important information about Zendesk apps rate limiting

From February 1, 2017, REST API calls made by Zendesk apps will also be subject to an additional rate limit of 700 requests per 5 minutes per user. See Apps - Working with requests for more information.

Building new channels for Zendesk with the Channel Framework

Today we announce the launch of our Channel Framework. This new extension to Zendesk’s app and integration capabilities allows developers to create integrations between Zendesk and any channel. Customer communication in another application, whether it’s comments, reviews, or messages can now become tickets in Zendesk. This allows rich, two-way customer service interactions anywhere. Agents can be more effective at managing customer needs when any source of customer interaction can be a ticket channel.

Accessing project and private headers in a Swift and Objective-C framework

Here at Zendesk we started adding more and more swift into our iOS projects. Lately we have been working on introducing swift to an objective-c dynamic framework project.

Dollar Shave Club - Using WebSockets to deliver faster responses

We’re always on the lookout for innovative uses of the Zendesk Developer platform which enables companies to deliver an enhanced support experience. Recently we were blown away by the simple use of Web Sockets to enable syncing between a home built CRM and Zendesk at Dollar Shave Club. We asked Eddy Kim, one of the developers at Dollar Shave Club who built the integration, to share some details on how it was built.

Quarterly Platform updates

- We’ve made improvements to the Rate Limit headers that were returned, you can now easily see how many requests per minute you have remaining: