Quarterly Platform updates


Rate Limit Updates
  • We’ve made improvements to the Rate Limit headers that were returned, you can now easily see how many requests per minute you have remaining:

X-Rate-Limit: 700

X-Rate-Limit-Remaining: 699

  • We’ve also improved our rate limit handling logic, we made sure unauthenticated requests no longer count toward your rate limit.

  • Finally as tickets become more conversational, we recognize the need for more comprehensive update limits, so we raised the Ticket updates (per 10 minutes) rate limit from 15 to 30.

Impersonate end-users as an admin via X-On-Behalf-Of header
  • You must use an OAuth token with the special scope ‘impersonate’, and provide user information in a custom X-On-Behalf-Of header. More information about this feature here.
Incremental Ticket Comments (open beta)
  • Retrieve comment objects and audit metadata from the Incremental Ticket Events end-point (Please email api@zendesk.com if you’re interested in this feature):

GET /api/v2/incremental/ticket_events.json?include=comment_events

Improved response times with asynchronous Ticket creation (open beta)
  • If you create tickets with the API but want faster response times in your application, you can instruct the API to queue the jobs and just return a ticket ID and information about the status of the job. More information about this feature and how to use it, here.
New APIs to create Channels in Zendesk (closed beta)
  • We’re currently running a closed beta for a new set of APIs allowing you to natively create a channel in Zendesk, the same way Zendesk provides Facebook and Twitter channels for instance. Sign up to the beta here, or take a look at what a real integration using this API looks like by installing the Google Play Reviews integration.
Unauthenticated Request Creation (closed beta)
  • The Requests API is designed to make it easy for you to submit (and retrieve) Zendesk tickets from an end-user perspective (a.k.a. Requests). Historically you've always needed to submit authentication information for a registered and verified user with a request creation call.

  • This beta will allow you to submit requests with no authentication information (no Authorization header) and have them be created successfully. We hope this will make it much easier to submit requests on behalf of new unregistered and unverified users, as well as to submit requests completely client-side.

To sign up for this beta please fill in this form.

More granular access control with new OAuth scopes:
  • We’ve been hard at work adding more and more OAuth scopes this quarter, the latest are for Triggers, Automations and Targets. Find out more about this feature here.
Additional APIs improvements:
  • You may now include custom metadata in ticket comments via the Ticket Bulk Import API

  • Specify a registered support address when creating tickets by setting the ‘recipient’ value on the tickets endpoint, more information here.

  • General API performance improvements on the Satisfaction Rating endpoint, and most of our incremental ticket endpoints.

Apps Framework:

New version of the Apps Framework:
  • We launched Zendesk App Framework v2 (ZAF v2). This is a major step forward for our app framework and will give our app developers far more freedom over the apps they build. Find out more here.
More security in building Apps on the new Framework - Signed URLs:
  • We are now allowing signed URLs when using ZAF v2. This allows app developers using server-side technologies to add an extra layer of security to their app by validating that requests originate from a legitimate Zendesk instance. Find out more here.
Apps scaffold:
  • We launched an open source GitHub repo that contains an app scaffold that helps developers build Iframe apps for Zendesk products. This scaffold also helps migrate v1 apps to v2.

Mobile SDKs:

Chat SDK v1.3 updates:
  • In v1.3 of the Chat SDK you can build your own chat user interface using the SDK’s functionality. Find out more here.

  • We also reduced the number of methods in the Chat SDK for Android by 10,000. This is a big improvement if you’re keeping an eye on your DEX count.

Support SDK v1.7 updates:
  • We launched Support SDK v1.7, with a redesigned Help Center UI and capabilities. Find out more here.

  • Additionally we released the Support SDK metadata app (Zendesk Labs), allowing you to easily see the metadata collected with new requests. Find out more here.