Known Issues

This is the developer guide for Chat SDK v1. The new Chat SDK v2 for Android is now available and is the recommended version to integrate Chat into your mobile app.

All versions

Department not set when using triggers to send greetings

Chat triggers that send a greeting to the visitor can interfere with the SDK setting a department. You can add a Still on site condition to the trigger with a value of 1 to avoid this. This is the number of seconds to wait.

Example of a proactive message trigger in the Chat admin interface

Version 1.4.1 and below

  • Apps using the Android Chat SDK will not be able to make chat connections for devices below version 5.0. See
  • Calling DataSource.deleteObservers() removes all observers, including our internal ConnectionObserver used to transition between states based on connection changes. This causes chat to get stuck in the INITIALIZING state. As a result, a user is unable to send and receive messages. We advise not to call DataSource.deleteObservers() at all and unregister each observer individually.

Version 1.4.0

  • The ConnectionObserver is not updated for Connection.Status.CLOSED and Connection.Status.DISCONNECTED states.


  • The chat session timeout message does not show on-screen to the user.
  • Activity is already bound to Chat Service, skipping service start If you see this log message remove the ChatServiceBinder fragment when ending the chat session


  • Exiting from the pre-chat form and starting the chat again will skip through the pre-chat form requirements if using support library version and up

Suggested upgrade to version will resolve the issue.


  • The send button is not visible after the 2nd visitor message when using support library version
  • When correcting the previously incorrect mandatory field on the pre-chat will result in the crash of the TintManager when using support lib version

Suggested upgrade to version will resolve both issues.