Channel framework startup tutorial - Step 1: Setup the developer environment

To run this tutorial, you need to set up the following applications:

  • A working local WordPress instance. You can use a WordPress docker image or install WordPress locally. After that, install the necessary plugins for WordPress to respond to the integration service through the REST API.

    (Zendesk doesn’t recommend using a public WordPress instance. The code uses simple authentication and creates test comments. These choices may not be acceptable for public WordPress instances. This tutorial can’t be completed using because it does not support plugins.)

  • A development environment in which to run the integration service Node application. The setup instructions have information on how to run and expose a local integration service to public network for Zendesk Support to connect.

Before setting up your environment, download the source code for this tutorial from Github .

See Channel framework startup tutorial - Appendix: Environment Setup for suggestions on how to set up your environment.

After setting everything up, verify the setup by:

  • Running node server.js at the local source code directory. The integration service should start listening at localhost:3000

  • Verifying the server is running by visiting http://localhost:3000/healthcheck in a browser; you should get OK back.

After every testable change throughout the tutorial, press Ctrl+C to stop the integration service and restart it using node server.js command. This ensures that the integration service is using your latest changes.

In this tutorial, you will verify each step using curl. The verification commands require the WordPress url, user name and password. You can set shell variables to make this easier.

export WORDPRESS_URL=http://localhost:25789/export WORDPRESS_USER=lchanexport WORDPRESS_PASSWORD=lchan

Note : The integration service exposes the endpoint using routes defined in server.js. Read server.js if you want more information about the Node Express service.

Note : This tutorial does not provide line-by-line commentary for some helper methods defined in wordpress.js. Read wordpress.js to see the implementations of those methods.

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