You can use the Events API to store and access user event data generated in one or more systems or applications used by your organization. For example, you can track user events that occur in your company's business-to-consumer (B2C) application as well as in a third-party app your company uses for customer billing.

You can then use the event data to build solutions that create better relationships with your customers. The possibilities include:

  • Giving your company more context about the customer in one-on-one conversations
  • Following up with the customer after certain events
  • Providing a more personalized user experience in your application or system

Developer resources

Getting access to the Events API

  1. Get Zendesk Support.

    A Zendesk Support account on a Zendesk Suite plan is required to use the API.

    You can get a free, 14-day trial account. If you're interested in becoming a Zendesk developer partner, you can convert your trial account into a sponsored Zendesk Support account.

    You'll also need agent or admin permissions in the account to use the API.

  2. Enable the Events API in the account.

    An admin in your Zendesk account can enable the API for the account. If you're not an admin, ask one to enable it for you.

    To enable the API in Admin Center, click the People icon () in the sidebar, then select Configuration > Events > Get started.