Creating a ticket based on a voicemail

The telephony system can use the Talk API to create a ticket based on a voicemail left by a caller. The API adds the recording to the ticket's first comment. In the agent interface, the comment includes controls to play or stop the recording.

  • Make a request to the following endpoint to create a voicemail ticket:

    POST /api/v2/channels/voice/tickets.json

    To ensure correct ticket reporting and that the correct business rules are applied, use this endpoint, not the Create Ticket endpoint in the Support API.

    In the payload, specify a voice_comment object for the ticket:

    {  "ticket": {    "via_id": 44,    "description": "Voicemail from: +16617480240",    "voice_comment": {    "from": "+16617480240",    "to": "+16617480123",    "recording_url": "",    "started_at": "2013-07-11 15:31:44 +0000",    "call_duration": 40,    "answered_by_id": 28,    "transcription_text": "The transcription of the call",    "location": "Dublin, Ireland"    }  }}

    You must specify a via_id value of 44, which indicates a voicemail.

    Zendesk does not store the actual recording file. It stores a link to the file. The audio file must be in MP3 or WAV format.

    See Create Voicemail Ticket in the Talk API docs.