[Must do] Initialize the SDK

This is the developer guide for the Support SDK v1 for Android. For Support SDK v2, see Support SDK v2 Android.

Before you can initialize and use the Support SDK, ensure that you have already configured your app in Zendesk Support and integrated the SDK.

When you initialize the Support SDK you make it ready for use in your app. It sets initial values and performs other setup tasks. This is required for the features of the Support SDK to work.

Using Fabric

Follow the installation instructions for the Zendesk kit on the Fabric website or in the Android Studio plugin. This ensures the credentials you need for initialization are stored. You'll be guided on how to initialize the Zendesk kit during the installation process.

Other installs

Get the initialization code

When the app was configured in Zendesk Support a Java code snippet was provided. You'll need the code snippet to initialize the Support SDK.

The initialization code snippet looks like this:

ZendeskConfig.INSTANCE.init(this, "https://{subdomain}.zendesk.com", "{applicationId}", "{oauthClientId}");
Add the initialization code to your app

Paste the code snippet into your app's Application class onCreate() method.

It should look like this:

public void onCreate() {

    ZendeskConfig.INSTANCE.init(this, "https://{subdomain}.zendesk.com", "{applicationId}", "{oauthClientId}");

If the Help Center has a host-mapped address, then use the host-mapped URL rather than the default https://{subdomain}.zendesk.com URL.


You must extend one of our themes or include some required attributes in your own theme.

Changing the Zendesk Support brand

Every Zendesk Support account has one brand by default. Some accounts have additional brands. See the Zendesk Support brand decision in the SDK integration checklist.

If your account only has a single brand, you don't have to do anything. Out of the box, the SDK displays the brand's Help Center and submits tickets marked with the brand name.

If your account has multiple brands and you want the SDK to work with another brand, replace the Zendesk Support URL value in the initialization code with the brand's URL. For example, if you want the SDK to work with the obscurat brand instead of the default omniwear brand, replace https://omniwear.zendesk.com with https://obscurat.zendesk.com.

If you are using Fabric, change the url in the strings.xml file that contains your Fabric settings.

The application and client ids remain unchanged.