Known Issues

  • iOS 13 specific issue - End-users' text can't be seen in dark mode when no styling has been applied. Workaround - Force a styling to the text color.
  (ZDCVisitorChatCell.appearance()).textColor = .black
  • ZDCChatEventTypeRatingComment is not used. Instead ZDCChatEventTypeRating is updated with the posted comment.

  • There is an issue with uploading non-JPG images.ZDChatAPI.Instance().uploadImage only works with jpeg images. One workaround is to use UIImagePNGRepresentation(image); before calling uploadImage.


  • There is an issue when presenting with translucent UINavigationController on iOS 10 and below. This causes the first message of a chat to go under the navigation bar. The solution is to disable translucency on UINavigationBar.


  • We're aware of padding issues when building for iOS 10. We will be addressing the issues in the next release. Known issues are as follows:

    • Chat messages appear under the navigation bar.
    • Pre-chat fields appear under the navigation bar.
    • The chat text view has too much upper and bottom padding.
    • The bottom part of chat messages is clipped.
    • Accessing the photo library on the simulator crashes the application. Note: ZDCChat SDK has been tested with Xcode8 beta 2 (8S162m)
  • When uploading an image using the ZDCChatAPI, sometimes you will get a different event ID for the same uploaded image. This will make it hard to update an event as being verified (i.e. received by the server)

To work around that, match the upload URL to a specific event ID:

 // Create a dictionary that handles the duplicated uploads
 var duplicateUpload: [String: String]

 func filterDuplicateUploads(event: ZDCChatEvent) -> ZDCChatEvent! {
   if event.type != .VisitorUpload || event.fileUpload == nil {
     // If the event s not an upload event
     return event

   // Get the stored ID for a specific Upload URL
   if let uid = duplicateUpload[event.fileUpload.uploadURL] {
     // Update the event's id
     event.eventId = uid

   // Store the event id for the uploaded URL
   duplicateUpload[event.fileUpload.uploadURL] = event.eventId

   // Return the updated event
   return event


  • When rotating the attach image action sheet on iPad, the position of the action sheet changes place.


  • Messages sent from an offline agent won't appear in the chat screen until that agent comes back online.


  • iOS 9.0.2 UITextView links bug, see
  • Integrators adding the Chat SDK via Cocoapods or manually may have to include the MobileCoreServices.framework in the Link Binary With Libraries section of their Xcode workspace.


  • tags are not correctly submitted