[Must do] Configure an app in Zendesk Support

This is the developer guide for the Support SDK v1 for iOS. For Support SDK v2, see Support SDK v2 iOS.

Before you can start with adding code into your app, you must add the details of your app and configure some options in Zendesk Support. Someone with administrator access to Zendesk Support must do this.

If you are using Fabric, you can create a new Zendesk Support trial directly in Fabric. This will also configure your app settings for you.

Add the app

Follow these steps to add your app to Zendesk Support.

  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Channels > Mobile SDK.
  2. Click Add an app. If this is your first time setting up the SDK, click Get Started, then click Add an app. The Setup tab opens by default.
  3. Enter a Name for your app. The name is for your reference only and is not shown to your customers.
  4. Copy and save the code snippet for iOS. For iOS, the snippets are provided in both Swift 2 and Objective-C.
  5. For Authentication method, select Anonymous or JWT depending on your authentication decision. This is required.
  6. If you selected JWT as the authentication method, enter a placeholder URL for JWT URL. Example: https://yoursubdomain.com/api/zendesk-jwt. You will change this later when you have built a dedicated JWT endpoint. You can't use an existing JWT endpoint with the SDK. The endpoint must meet the requirements outlined in Building a dedicated JWT endpoint for the Support SDK.
  7. If you selected JWT, copy and save the JWT secret. The secret is only shown once, so make sure you save it somewhere safe.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Send the code snippet or snippets to the application developers in charge of integrating the SDK.
  10. If applicable, send the JWT secret to the team in charge of building the dedicated JWT endpoint. Refer the team to Building a dedicated JWT endpoint for the Support SDK. Include instructions for the team to send you the endpoint URL when they're done. When you receive the final URL from them, return to this configuration page and update the JWT URL field.

Configure the features you will use

Now that you have added the app to Zendesk Support, you should configure the features you wish to use. The app you just added in Zendesk Support is where you can turn on request features or Help Center.

If you do not enable features in the Zendesk Support admin they will not work in your app.

If you are unsure, read Configuring the SDK in Zendesk Support to find out more about how to enable the features you need.