Amplitude-Outbound integration

If your organization uses Amplitude to capture customer data, you can use the Amplitude-Outbound integration to send captured user and event data to Outbound.

Amplitude is a third-party analytics service that integrates directly with Outbound. The integration doesn't require any programming. The two systems exchange data automatically.

The integration is two way, meaning that the two systems can automatically keep each other up-to-date:

  • All user and event data captured by Amplitude can be automatically relayed to Outbound in real-time

  • All message data in Outbound can be automatically pushed to Amplitude, which allows you to drill down on the campaigns and A/B tests run in Outbound, look at user-level message history, and close the reporting loop

Note: The real-time user and event data relayed to Outbound is not the same as Amplitude's cohort export. Outbound receives all the data that allows users to re-create your cohorts in Outbound. This gives you everything you need to set up and send mobile push, email, and SMS campaigns.

Activating the integration

You can activate the integration in Outbound, Amplitude, or both.

To send data from Amplitude to Outbound:

  1. In Outbound, go to your Environments page (Settings > Environments) and copy one of the private keys. For more information on the keys, see Authentication in the introduction.

  2. In Amplitude, go to your Integrations page (, scroll to the Push Notification Integrations section, and enter your Outbound key in the Outbound API Keys field.

To send data from Outbound to Amplitude:

  1. In Amplitude, go to your Settings page and copy the API key.

  2. In Outbound, go to your Environments page (Settings > Environments) and click the Amplitude On/Off button next to the environment where you want to send your data.

  3. When prompted, enter your Amplitude API key.

You can also watch the following video: Outbound-Amplitude integration setup

Integration use cases

Data sent from Amplitude to Outbound allows you to create new campaigns, more advanced filters, and add new campaign goals. Data sent from Outbound to Amplitude allows you to see how messages affect conversion rates in multi-step funnels, measure lift in retention for users who are messaged, and look at Outbound campaign data in user streams. Watch the following videos for more information.

For more information, watch the following videos: