Amazon EventBridge is an event bus service which consumes event data streaming from Zendesk, allowing event-driven applications to be built which can subscribe and react to Zendesk events.

Getting started

Learn how to configure your Zendesk event source in the Zendesk Admin Center, then associate a new event bus with the Zendesk event source in Amazon EventBridge.

Setting up the events connector for Amazon EventBridge

Events schema

An event is a description of an activity that has occurred in a Zendesk account. This reference documentation contains a list of available events and example schemas which are streamed to Amazon EventBridge


Publish SNS notifications

In this hands-on tutorial, you will learn how to set up an events streaming connection from Zendesk to Amazon EventBridge, and set up AWS SNS to publish email notifications when there are new ticket created events in Zendesk Support.

Publishing SNS notifications for Zendesk ticket events

Read Amazon’s EventBridge documentation

Read user guides and access the API reference for Amazon EventBridge.

Amazon EventBridge Documentation