Custom data

Create a single view of your customers

What are the custom data APIs?

The Zendesk custom data APIs lets you connect and understand all your customer data wherever it lives. These APIs are independent from other Zendesk customer service tools such as the product APIs, the Apps framework, and the Web Widget. The custom data data layer is not associated with any Zendesk product, though you can model relationships with certain native objects like tickets and users.

Custom data currently consists of the following APIs:

  • Custom Objects API
  • Profiles API
  • Events API

Custom Objects

Use the Custom Objects API to model, store, and retrieve objects that are not native to Zendesk. The data is stored in the Amazon AWS infrastructure. Custom objects can be almost anything, including products, orders, devices, and warranties.

To get started with custom objects, see the following resources:

Getting started with custom objects
Custom Objects API reference

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Profiles act like name tags for a person in different applications and systems. The information lets you associate data streams from the different systems to a single user in Zendesk. The Profiles API allows you to create a single view of a customer across applications and systems.

To get started with profiles, see:

Getting started with profiles
About profiles
Profiles API reference

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Use the Events API to build a timeline of your customers' interactions from any source. Events can be any programmatic event, including purchase transactions, website visits, or customer service interactions.

To get started with user events, see:

Getting started with events
Events API reference

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