Custom data

Seamlessly integrate custom data in Zendesk

What are the custom data APIs?

The Zendesk custom object APIs lets you connect your business's unique data into your Zendesk workflows. These APIs are independent from other Zendesk customer service tools such as the product APIs, the Apps framework, and the Web Widget.

Custom objects

Create custom objects to capture, model, and retrieve almost any data that doesn't fit into the standard Zendesk objects (tickets, users, and organizations). You can model relationships with standard Support objects and other custom objects, and then integrate your custom data with tickets, triggers, Explore analytics, integrations, and the Zendesk Apps framework.

To get started with custom objects, see:

Getting started with custom objects\ Custom Objects API reference

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Legacy Custom Objects

Existing Zendesk customers might be using the Legacy Custom Objects API to model, store, and retrieve objects that are not native to Zendesk. The data is stored in the Amazon AWS infrastructure. Legacy custom objects can be almost anything, including products, orders, devices, and warranties.

If you're new to custom data in Zendesk, see Custom objects.

For resources on legacy custom objects, see:

Getting started with legacy custom objects\ Legacy Custom Objects API reference

You may also be interested in using the Events and Profiles APIs, which are compatible with legacy custom objects. For more information, see the Events API and Profiles API.

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