Managing your help center content

A help center displaying an article about shoe sizing

Backing up your knowledge base with the Zendesk API
Use the Zendesk REST API to make backup copies of all the articles in your knowledge base. The backups can be useful in case you need to check or revert to a previous version of an article.

Listing the followers of a KB section with the Zendesk API
Users can subscribe to (or follow) a section in the knowledge base, but the help center doesn't list the section followers. This tutorial describes how to use the API to list the followers of a specified section in your knowledge base.

Adding KB search to your website with AJAX
The help center provides users with search boxes to find articles in the knowledge base. You might still want users to search the KB from your main website or web application without having to jump out to the help center site. This article describes how to let users search your knowledge base from your website using standard JavaScript and AJAX.

Using the help center API to manage article translations
This article describes how to download content in your help center so you can hand it off to a localization vendor for translation. You'll also learn how to automate the reverse process: publishing the translated content on the help center after it comes back from the translators.

Customizing help center themes

Three help center websites showing different theme designs

A help center theme consists of various components, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files that control the visual presentation, layout, and interactivity of the help center. By customizing a theme, businesses can tailor the look and feel of their help center to match their brand identity, improve navigation, and enhance the user experience.

You can customize a theme in your favorite code editor locally and preview your changes live in a web browser.

Learn more about local theme previewing in Zendesk help

Each theme consists of a collection of editable templates that define the layout of different types of pages in the help center. The help center templating language is named Curlybars and implements a large subset of the Handlebars language.

Learn more about Curlybars templating language

Embed and extend your help center

Add the Web Widget to your help center

Add the Web Widget to appear on some or all pages of your help center.

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Add help center content to your mobile app

The Support SDKs for iOS and Android lets you give users the ability to browse and search your help center knowledge base in the app without using the mobile web browser. Learn about the SDK and how to enable this feature.

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