Code Samples

This section presents basic work flow of polling events from the Firehose API.

We are going to implement the following algorithm:

  • every five seconds check if there are any new events in the Firehose deal stream
  • if there are any events, iterate until you read all the pages of events available, i.e. until we reach the top of the stream
  • for every event print out the current deal's data and the information about what has changed

Here is a simple Python script that presents the idea:

import requestsimport jsonimport time
# your oauth tokentoken = "2124…"
# main poll loop - check for new events every 5 secondsstartingPosition = 'top'while True:
    # loop to recieve all pages of events since we checked last time    onTop = False    while not onTop:        print 'Polling...'        url = ""        response = requests.get(url,                params={'position': startingPosition},                headers={'Authorization':'Bearer {}'.format(token)})
        if response.status_code != 200:            raise Exception('Request failed with {}'                .format(response.status_code))
        # iterate through events and print them        for item in response.json()['items']:          print("Deal data:\n{}"                  .format(json.dumps(item['data'], indent=4)));          if item['meta']['event_type'] == 'updated':              print("Updated: {}"                  .format(item['meta']['previous'].keys()))              print("Old values:\n{}".format(                  json.dumps(item['meta']['previous'], indent=4)));
        # check if we have reached the top of the stream        onTop = response.json()['meta']['top']
        # prepare the position for the next request        startingPosition = response.json()['meta']['position']
    print "Sleeping..."    time.sleep(5)

Now if this script is run it starts to poll the events from Firehose API. When any deal gets updated, e.g. through a web frontend, you should see the output similar to the one below:

Polling...Deal data:{    "last_stage_change_by_id": 1212137,    "stage_id": 6961518,    "name": "Website Redesign",    "tags": [],    "customized_win_likelihood": null,    "created_at": "2017-07-05T17:20:52Z",    "dropbox_email": "[email protected]",    "contact_id": 174841170,    "id": 39912342,    "organization_id": null,    "currency": "USD",    "hot": false,    "value": "100.00",    "custom_field_values": [],    "creator_id": 1212137,    "loss_reason_id": null,    "source_id": null,    "last_stage_change_at": "2017-07-05T17:20:52Z",    "estimated_close_date": null,    "owner_id": 1212137}Updated: [u'name', u'value']Old values:{    "name": "Website",    "value": "50.00"}Sleeping...

Refer to the Firehose API resources to see what resources are currently streamed through the Firehose API.