At Zendesk, we value the feedback of our customers and consider it an important part of our process. That's why we offer early access for some features in development, so that you can try out the feature in advance and give us feedback or report issues. We may also provide other feedback opportunities during the development process. For a complete list of UI-based EAPs and betas, see Current and upcoming Zendesk betas.

In addition to participating in early access programs (EAPs) and betas, you might want to join our Experience Research Panel to learn about UX research opportunities where you can help shape our products.

We're offering opportunities for developers to give input in the following areas:

Redirect Rules API for help center URLs

Zendesk is introducing the Redirect Rules API to create and manage 301 and 302 redirect rules for help center URLs that would otherwise return 404 page not found errors. Through the lifecycle of managing your help center, it's often necessary to retire URLs or alter the structure of your content. As you make these changes, redirects allow you to make sure users and web crawlers are getting to the right page to create a good experience and to make sure your SEO remains performant.

Learn more about and join the Redirect Rules early access program.

Messaging in the Unity SDK

In 2020, we launched our first native Unity SDK to give our gaming customers a quick and easy way to bring the power of Zendesk seamlessly into their games. Since then, Zendesk announced Messaging to help customers deliver rich conversational experiences connected across web, mobile, or social apps. The new version of the Unity SDK includes messaging capabilities.

Learn more about the Unity SDK early access program.