This document lists the events and objects, as well as any additional properties and actions, that you can use to build apps in Zendesk Support. This API is supplemented by the Core Apps API available to all Zendesk apps.

If you're just getting started, see Building your first Support app.

Each app lives in a location in the Zendesk Support user interface. The location defines what the app can do as follows:

  • All locations share a common set of events, properties, and actions
  • Each location has additional events, properties, and actions

See the following location docs for the events, properties, and actions you can use in each location.

all locationsAll listed locations
ticket sidebarPanel on the right side of the ticket
new ticket sidebarPanel on the right side of the new ticket
ticket editorToolbar on the lower side of the ticket editor
user sidebarPanel on the right side of the user page
organization sidebarPanel on the right side of the organization page
nav barNavigation bar on the left side
top barRight side of the bar on the upper side
backgroundNo UI, always running in the background to receive special events
modalModal dialog


To specify the location for your app, see Setting the app location.

If you specify nav_bar, top_bar, or ticket_editor, the app appears as an icon in the location. Clicking the icon opens the app.

Use the ZAF client in your app to listen for events, invoke actions, and access properties in each location.