Top bar

The app appears as an icon on the right side of the bar along the top of the agent interface. Clicking the icon opens the app.

Example manifest

"location": {  "support": {    "top_bar": "assets/iframe.html"  }},

See Setting the app location.

In addition to the objects available in all locations, the following additional actions are available in this location:


In addition to the core events, the following events are available to an app in the top bar:

By default, the pane view of a nav bar or top bar app is only inserted into the DOM the first time the app is opened by the user. If you need to insert the pane into the DOM without making it visible, see the preloadPane action in the nav bar documentation.

Once the app pane is in the DOM, users can switch away and back to it.


Fires when the user returns to a top_bar or nav_bar app that's already been opened. It doesn't fire when the app is first displayed after loading. Consider using the app.registered event in that case.

client.on('pane.activated', function() {  //handler code});


Fires when the user switches away from your app and the app is no longer visible.

client.on('pane.deactivated', function() {  //handler code});


The following additional actions are available in this location:


You can use the popover API to show, hide, or resize top bar apps.

client.invoke('popover', {  width: 400, // The special value auto is also allowed for the height property only  height: 200})
client.invoke('popover', 'show') // possible values: 'toggle', 'hide' or 'show'. Default: 'show'.

Note: The popover API only changes the size of the popover. It doesn't change the size of your iframe. The resize action changes the size of both the iframe and the popover for top bar apps.