Person sidebar

Person sidebar

The app is displayed in the Person Card location on the right side, along with native widgets.

Example manifest

"location": {  "sell": {    "person_card": "assets/iframe.html"  }},

The following object is available in this location:


In addition to the core events, the following events are available to apps in the Person sidebar location:

You can also listen for changes on any object or property of the Contact object by adding the suffix .changed to its path. Any event handler bound to a .changed event receives an object with the name of the changed property, its previous value, and its new value. Example:

client.on('contact.lastName.changed', function(data) {  console.log(data);  // {propertyName, oldValue, newValue}});

See Working with framework events.

Contact object

A contact represents an individual (such as Mark Johnson) or an organization (such as Google). The contact object in the Person sidebar is identical to the contact object in the Company sidebar. For details, see Contact object in the Company sidebar doc.