Custom object events

You can enable custom object events to trigger a flow by specifying in the JobSpec object the event_source as "sunshine" and event_type as the tag associated with the event. See Trigger events for more information.

The table and sections below lists all the supported custom object events with the tag and expected payload content.

event_type Event payload
customobject.CustomObjectChanged Custom Object Changed
customobject.CustomObjectDeleted Custom Object Deleted

Custom Object Changed

A property of the custom object was changed. This can include when a custom object was created.


{  "account_id": 12345,  "integration_key": "my_integration_key",  "subdomain": "my_zendesk_subdomain",  "input": {    "custom_object_event": {      "meta": {        "version": "1.0",        "occurred_at": "2020-12-02T05:19:54Z",        "ref": "4-4809584"      },      "type": "Custom Object Changed",      "custom_object": {        "account_id": "7806004",        "object_type": "hoodie",        "id": "02cb7392-345e-11eb-aec2-6948ce28e24b",        "external_id": "1693rap2fdb",        "attributes": {          "size": "L",          "colour": "blue"        },        "created_at": "2020-12-02T05:19:54Z",        "updated_at": "2020-12-02T05:19:54Z"      }    }  }}

Custom Object Deleted

A custom object instance was deleted.


{  "account_id": 12345,  "integration_key": "my_integration_key",  "subdomain": "my_zendesk_subdomain",  "input": {    "custom_object_event": {      "meta": {        "version": "1.0",        "occurred_at": "2020-12-02T05:16:04Z",        "ref": "1-4818276"      },      "type": "Custom Object Deleted",      "object_id": "77c8721f-345d-11eb-aec2-51425730b00b"    }  }}