This reference information describes supported Zendesk events used to trigger a ZIS Flow when building an integration with Zendesk Integration Services (ZIS).

Both native Zendesk event types and custom events received through inbound webhooks can be referenced in a JobSpec object. Job specs are then installed onto the Zendesk account where the integration will run. This tells ZIS to listen for the specific event type on the account.

When the right type of event is received, ZIS executes the associated flow and passes a JSON object into the first step of the flow. This JSON object includes the triggering event's payload (in the $.input key), along with $.account_id, $.subdomain, and $.integration_key.


    "account_id": 12345,    "integration_key": "my_integration_key",     "subdomain": "my_zendesk_subdomain",    "input": {          "ticket_event": {            "meta": {              "sequence": {                "id": "C20565CD20591B5E81E2206E91ADFB2A",                "position": 1,                "total": 9              },              "version": "1.0",              "occurred_at": "2021-08-12T08:46:37Z",              "ref": "18-646602214"            },            "type": "Ticket Created",            "ticket": {              "assignee_id": 313502247511,              "group_id": null,              "priority": "urgent",              "tags": [                "my_tag1"              ],              "requester_id": 323401287712,              "brand_id": 32040676813,              "id": 1001,              "status": "new",              "via": {                "channel": "web"              },              "organization_id": 361454622831,              "external_id": "41EA202E1-123",              "created_at": "2021-08-12T08:46:37Z",              "type": "problem",              "submitter_id": 323401287712,              "updated_at": "2021-08-12T08:46:37Z",              "form_id": 37201638591            }         }    }}

Top level properties

An event contains the following top-level properties:

Property Data type Description
account_id integer Zendesk account ID
integration_key string Integration key retrieved from the ZIS bundle
subdomain string Account subdomain
input object Event-specific payload

Input object

The input object content depends on the event type. It contains the JSON payload wrapper for the event.

Zendesk domain event Property Content
Ticket event ticket_event Ticket Events
User event user_event User Events
Organization event organization_event Organization Events
Custom object event custom_object_event Custom object events
Activity event activity_event Activity events

Each domain has multiple native event types. Each native event type has an associated tag in ZIS to trigger a flow.

In the case of user-defined events received through an inbound webhook receiver, the input object contains the body of the HTTP request.

Referencing an event in a JobSpec

An event is referenced in a job spec to trigger a flow.


"jobspec": {     "type": "ZIS::JobSpec",     "properties": {       "name": "example_job_spec",       "event_source": "support",       "event_type": "ticket.TicketCreated",       "flow_name": "zis:example_integration:flow:example_flow"     }

To associate a Zendesk event with a flow, you specify the event_source and the event tag name for event_type.

Zendesk event event_source event_type
Ticket event support Event tag name. See Ticket events
User event support Event tag name. See User events
Organization event support Event tag name. See Organization events
Custom Object event sunshine Event tag name. See Custom Object events
Activity event sunshine Event tag name. See Activity events