This is the reference documentation for the Zendesk Integration Services (ZIS) APIs. It documents the REST APIs you can use to build and run an integration using ZIS. The ZIS APIs power Conversational Data Orchestration.

ZIS APIs are available on Suite Growth and above and Support Professional and above. If you're interested in becoming a Zendesk developer partner, you can convert a trial account into a sponsored Zendesk account. See Getting a trial or sponsored account for development.


ZIS APIs use OAuth 2.0 for authenticating requests, unless stated otherwise. Endpoints that support Basic Authentication and API tokens are mentioned in the API reference.

For more information about authentication methods, see Security and authentication in the Ticketing API documentation.

Rate limits

The following API rate limits apply:

If a rate limit is exceeded, the API responds with an HTTP 429 Too Many Requests status code.

Zendesk reserves the right to adjust the rate limit for given endpoints to provide a high quality of service for all clients.

Any API requests that ZIS Actions make to Zendesk API endpoints are subject to your Zendesk plan's rate limits. See Usage limits.