Requests to the Zendesk Support API may be subject to the following limits:

Notwithstanding the limits specified in this document, the system might still limit requests if it detects an unusual spike in requests from all sources for the account, including internal product requests. For example, this can happen in a denial-of-service attack. See Account limit.

Monitoring your request activity

You can compare your request activity in the last 24 hours against your rate limit. See Tracking API activity against your rate limit.

You can use the following response headers to confirm the account's current rate limit and monitor the number of requests remaining in the current minute:

X-Rate-Limit: 700X-Rate-Limit-Remaining: 699

If the rate limit is exceeded, the API responds with a 429 Too Many Requests status code. The response also has a Retry-After header that tells you how many seconds to wait before retrying API requests. Ensure your code handles 429 errors and waits the Retry-After interval before retrying requests.

For tips on avoiding and handling 429 errors, see Best practices for avoiding rate limiting.

Zendesk Suite plan limits

The following limits apply depending on your Zendesk Suite plan type.

LimitTeamGrowthProfessionalEnterpriseEnterprise Plus
Support and Help Center API requests per minute2004004007002500
Chat API requests per minute200200200200200
Custom objects (soft limit)35305050
Custom object size32 KB32 KB32 KB32 KB32 KB
Legacy Custom Objects, Profiles, and Events API requests per minute2502505007001000
Legacy Custom objects total100,000100,000250,0001,000,00025,000,000
Legacy Relationships total100,000100,000250,0001,000,00025,000,000
Legacy Relationship types (soft limit)5050505050
Events per month150,000150,000350,000750,0003,000,000
Events retention period90 days90 days1 year1 year3 years
Profiles per person2020202020
Events and Profiles source values5050505050
Events and Profiles type values25002500250025002500
Zendesk Events Connector - Zendesk events sent per minuten/a5000*500050005000

*Only available with the High Volume API add-on.

You can increase the Support and Help Center API rate limits with the High Volume API add-on.

For additional information about limits, see:

Zendesk Support plan limits

The following Support, Help Center, and Custom Objects API rate limits apply on your Zendesk Support plan type.

PlanRequests per minute
Essential (legacy)10
High Volume API add-on2500

The rate limits for the Help Center API are the same as for the Support API. However, requests to the Help Center API don't count against the rate limit of the Support API, and conversely.

High Volume API add-on

The High Volume add-an increases a qualifying plan's limit to 2500 requests per minute to the Support and Help Center APIs. It doesn't add an additional 2500 requests to the plan's limit.

The add-on is available on the Zendesk Suite Growth plan and above, and the Zendesk Support Professional plan and above. You must have a minimum of 10 agent seats to purchase this add-on. The add-on is not required on the Zendesk Suite Enterprise Plus plan because the plan has a built-in rate limit of 2500.

Subject to Zendesk’s prior written consent, Zendesk may allow you to increase API usage limits beyond 2500 requests per minute for an additional fee.

Endpoint rate limits

Some endpoints have their own rate limit. For example, the Update Ticket endpoint has a rate limit of 30 updates to the same ticket by the same agent within a 10-minute period. Zendesk reserves the right to adjust the rate limit for given endpoints to provide a high quality of service for all clients.

NamePathRate limit
List TicketsGET /api/v2/tickets.json?page={num}50 requests per minute where num is over 500
Update TicketPUT /api/v2/tickets/{id}.json30 updates per 10 minutes per user per ticket. Note: This limit applies to any PUT request that updates tickets. For example, a user can have 20 updates on ticket A, 25 updates on ticket B, and 23 updates on ticket C, all within 10 minutes without any issues

100 requests per min per account

300 requests per min per account with the High Volume add-on
Incremental Exports global limitGET /api/v2/incremental/*10 requests per minute
Incremental Exports with High Volume add-onGET /api/v2/incremental/*30 requests per minute
Exporting ViewsGET /api/v2/views/{id}/export.json100000 requests per hour
Update UserPUT /api/v2/users/{user_id}5 requests per minute per user

1 request per second per account
Create or Update UserPOST /api/v2/users/create_or_update5 requests per minute per user

1 request per second per account
Export Search ResultsGET /api/v2/search/export?query={query}100 requests per minute per account
Create Organization MembershipPOST /api/v2/organization_memberships5 requests per minute
Update OrganizationPUT /api/v2/organization/{organization_id}5 requests per minute per organization
Create or Reply to Side ConversationPOST /api/v2/tickets/{ticket_id}/side_conversations[/{id}/reply]300 requests per 10 minutes
Incremental Side Conversation EventsGET /api/v2/tickets/side_conversations/events600 requests per 10 minutes

External Content API limits

The Help Center API rate limits apply to the External Content API if no stricter rate limit is documented in the following table.

Help Center API rate limits apply to searches performed through the Help Center API, but they do not apply to searches performed through the UI.

External record creation770 records per minute
External record size10000 bytes per record
External sources20
External types20
External records50000

Offset pagination limits

API requests that use offset pagination are subject to limits as described in Pagination.

Job limit

Some endpoints such as the Update Many Tickets endpoint queue background jobs to do the work. You can have up to 30 queued or running jobs at once. If you exceed the limit, you will receive a "TooManyJobs" error. Example:

{  "error":"TooManyJobs",  "description":"Too many UserBulkUpdateJobV2 jobs are currently queued or running. Try again later.",  "current_job_ids":["14b1939441cb2e96d0c0835ede22ce03", ...]}

Apps rate limit

API requests made by Zendesk apps are subject to an additional rate limit of 100 requests per minute per user per app.

Account limit

Zendesk might limit requests if it detects an unusual spike in requests from all sources for the account, including internal product requests. For example, this can happen in a denial-of-service attack. The account-wide limit is 100,000 requests per minute.

CPU-time limit

Zendesk also tracks the CPU time an account consumes over time. If you're fetching large volumes of records and get a 429 error even though you're within the documented rate limits, it may be due to a CPU-time limit.