Change policy

Zendesk may modify the attributes and resources available to the API and our policies related to access and use of the API from time to time without advance notice. Zendesk will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify you of any modifications to the API or policies through notifications or posts on the Zendesk Developer Website. Modification of the API may have an adverse effect on Zendesk Applications, including but not limited to changing the manner in which Zendesk Applications communicate with the API and display or transmit Your Data. Zendesk will not be liable to you or any third party for such modifications or any adverse effects resulting from such modifications.

As part of our change policy, we've also outlined a timeline for how we classify changes and when they will take effect.

Timeline for notices

Endpoint categoryTime until deployment
Business Critical3 months
Standard1 month
Beta1 week
Developmentno notification

We'll also provide two weeks notice for urgent security and performance changes.

Tracking changes

You can track API breaking changes, deprecations, and betas on the Changelog page. Be sure to bookmark the page to check for updates. For more information on betas and early access, see Betas and EAPs.