Getting a trial or sponsored account for development

You can try out the Zendesk platform with a free, 14-day trial account. If you're interested in becoming a Zendesk developer partner, you can convert your trial account into a sponsored Zendesk Support account.

As part of becoming a Zendesk developer partner, Zendesk sponsors an instance for up to 5 agents that you can use for developing, demoing, and troubleshooting your app or integration.

Unlike a trial account, a sponsored account does not expire after 14 days.

By default, all Marketplace partners with a sponsored Support account receive the Suite Enterprise plan. A sponsored Sell account includes all features on the Sell Elite plan except the Firehouse, Sync, and Search APIs.

Note: Zendesk will suspend any sponsored Support account used to provide actual support.

Getting a trial account

Requesting a sponsored test account

  1. If not already done, sign up for a free Zendesk Support trial at, or Sell trial at
  2. When you're setting up the account, make sure to add the prefix "d3v-" to your chosen subdomain name. Example:
  3. If you already have a trial account, add the "d3v-" prefix to your subdomain. See Renaming your subdomain for instructions.
  4. Fill out the Sponsored Account Request Form

Zendesk will inform you when your trial account becomes a sponsored account.