About the Zendesk developer platform

Zendesk's developer platform, also called the Sunshine Platform, is a set of tools and services you can use to build scripts, apps, and integrations for Zendesk products. For example, you can use the platform to:

  • Automate tasks in Zendesk, such as Support ticket imports or user creation

  • Embed Zendesk Messaging into a website or mobile app

  • Extend or customize a Zendesk product, such as Support or Sell

  • Access data from other systems, such as Shopify or Salesforce, in Zendesk

  • Take action in another system based on Zendesk activity or data

Zendesk REST APIs

Zendesk's REST APIs let you access Zendesk data and functionality using code instead of a user interface. By using code, you can automate tasks in Zendesk that would be slow, inconsistent, or impossible using manual processes.

For example, you can build a program that uses the Zendesk Support API to sync Zendesk users to a custom database. As another example, you can write a script that uses the Support API to import Support tickets from another customer service platform in bulk.

To see what's possible using Zendesk APIs, explore the API reference.

If you're a Zendesk admin with no developer experience but would like to learn more, see the 10-minute Zendesk API quick start. You can also check out the Admin's guide to the Zendesk API in Zendesk help.

Web widgets and SDKs

The Zendesk Web Widget and SDKs let you embed Messaging functionality into your website, help center, or mobile app. This makes it easy for your customers to self-serve and connect with your agents.

To get started, see the Zendesk Web Widget and SDKs introduction.


A Zendesk app is an application that runs in a Zendesk product, such as Support or Sell. The app typically extends or enhances the functionality of its host product. For example, you can use a Support app to:

  • Track the time agents spend on tickets
  • Display a user’s recent tickets in the sidebar
  • Redact sensitive personal information from tickets, such as credit cards and passwords

To build Zendesk apps, you use the Zendesk Apps framework (ZAF). ZAF gives an app access to its host product's resources and ZAF APIs. If your app would be useful to other Zendesk users, you can submit it to the Zendesk Marketplace as a free or paid public app.

To start building apps, see the Zendesk app quick start.


An integration lets you connect Zendesk to an external system, such as Slack, Mailchimp, or a custom application.

The Zendesk developer platform provides several solutions you can use to build integrations:

  • Zendesk Integration Services (ZIS) is a set of web-based services you can use to run automated workflows based on activity in Zendesk or another system. The workflow can include API requests to Zendesk or an external system.

  • Webhooks let you send API requests to an external system based on activity in Zendesk Support.

  • The Channel framework lets you build channel integrations. A channel integration syncs customer communications from other platforms, such as Yelp or Quora, to Zendesk Support tickets. Agents can then respond to messages, reviews, and comments on the platform using ticket comments.

  • The Zendesk Events Connector for Amazon EventBridge lets you send data about Zendesk activity to AWS. You can then use the data in other AWS services, such as AWS Lambda or Amazon SNS. This lets you use AWS to build applications that subscribe or react to Zendesk activity.