Zendesk Integration Services

Build and run an integration

What is Zendesk Integration Services (ZIS)?

ZIS is a set of Zendesk-hosted web services that let you integrate Zendesk with other systems and applications. ZIS powers Conversational Data Orchestration, a feature set for automating workflows based on events.

ZIS reduces or eliminates the need to build and host middleware for integration features such as:

  • Ingesting webhooks from an external system
  • Executing business logic in response to events
  • Making API calls into Zendesk and the external system
  • Obtaining and managing authentication tokens
  • Storing configuration settings
  • Storing metadata about related objects in Zendesk and the external system

ZIS simplifies the process to build and run private integrations.

Getting started

Understanding Zendesk Integration Services
Learn about ZIS services and the resources used to build an integration.

Anatomy of a ZIS bundle
Learn how a ZIS bundle is a declaration of your resources in an integration.

Building your first ZIS integration
Get hands-on. This tutorial shows you how to build your first ZIS integration from scratch and run it.

Designing an integration
Learn about designing your installation and OAuth flow for your integration.

ZIS Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to common questions about ZIS.

Introduction to ZIS
Learn the key features of ZIS in this free, on-demand training course.

Reference information

Refer to the ZIS APIs to build your integration and the Trigger events schema when designing an integration to respond to Zendesk events.

Trigger events reference