Understanding the admin user journey

When designing your experience, it’s important to keep in mind who your user is and what they are trying to achieve. Having an understanding of the journey that admins go through when finding, installing, and configuring the integration will help you design and create the best user experience.

User journey What the admin needs
Discover Find integrations that solve their problems so their team can work more efficiently
Install Quickly and easily install the integration so they are up and running in no time
Authorize Give the integration access to the external applications needed to run so the admins and agents can use all the features an integration has to offer
Configure Set up and manage an integration's settings so that it is configured for their team's workflow
Use and update Manage and update the integration during use and also when new features and functionality are introduced. This allows the admin to keep up-to-date and utilize what the integration has to offer
Uninstall Uninstall and delete data from an integration so that the admin knows their company’s data is safe