Pass state

A Pass state allows you to pass the state's input to it's output. You can also choose to add data to the output.

Pass states are often used as placeholders for states you haven't written yet or for adding mock data into a ZIS Flow to assist with testing or troubleshooting. Example:

"Zendesk.GetConfigData": {  "Type": "Pass",  "Result": {    "panic": false,    "towel_location": "bathroom"  },  "ResultPath": "$.settings",  "Next": "MyNextStep"}

In the above example, the Pass state mocks retrieving configuration settings for use in a flow. This aids in developing and testing the flow logic prior to building out the front-end user interface where configuration settings are administered.

The following Pass state mocks the result of a ZIS Action:

"Storify.InitiateRefund": {  "Type": "Pass",  "Result": {    "transaction_id": 54321,    "transaction_value": "99.01",    "transaction_state": "pending_approval"  },  "ResultPath": "$.refund_details",  "Next": "MyNextStep"}

As shown in the example above, this could be useful while developing the flow or in testing that subsequent steps behave as expected with different results with an action.