A Succeed state ends a ZIS flow with an optional success message.

"Logs.Succeeded": {  "Type": "Succeed",  "Message": "Posted message for ticket {{$.input.ticket_event.ticket.id}} in Slack channel: {{$.settings.channel}}."}

Supported properties

A Succeed state supports the Type and Comment properties from common state properties. The state also supports the Message property.

MessagestringfalseDeveloper-defined success message. Used in integration logs. See Logging success messages. Supports reference paths and path placeholders

Logging success messages

If a ZIS flow ends on a Succeed state, ZIS logs an info message in the integration logs. The message's description is the state's Message value.

Important: Don't include secrets or sensitive information in the Message value. Integration logs are accessible to all admins for the Zendesk account.

If you don't specify a Message, the description defaults to "Execution Successful". ZIS also uses this default description when a flow ends on a state with an End property of "true".