A Fail state ends a ZIS flow with an error.

"Logs.Failed": {  "Type": "Fail",  "Error": "Failed to post Slack message.",  "Cause": "Failed to post message to Slack channel: {{$.settings.channel}}. Channel not found. Ensure the channel exists."}

Supported properties

A Fail state supports the Type and Comment properties from common state properties. The state also supports the following properties.

ErrorstringtrueDeveloper-defined name for the error
CausestringtrueDeveloper-defined error message. Used in integration logs. See Logging errors for a Fail state

Error and Cause property values support reference paths and path placeholders.

Logging errors for a Fail state

If a ZIS flow ends on a Fail state, ZIS logs an error in the integration logs. The error's description includes the state's Cause.

You can use the Cause value to provide troubleshooting tips for the error.

Important: Don't include secrets or sensitive information in the Cause value. Integration logs are accessible to all admins for the Zendesk account.