Fixing common ZIS errors

The following table contains tips for resolving common ZIS errors.

ScenarioError messageResolution tips
Registering a ZIS integrationinvalid integration keyThe integration name must be a string of 64 characters or less. The string can only contain lowercase letters (a-z), numbers, the dash (-) character, or the underscore (_) character.
Authenticating a ZIS API request using OAuthAuthorization failed due to integration mismatchUse an OAuth token associated with the ZIS integration specified in the request. To get this token, see Obtaining a ZIS OAuth token.
Running a ZIS flowJSON path not found: ...A state in the ZIS flow references a JSON path that doesn't exist. This can occur when an earlier state fails to load data or attempts to load data that doesn't exist. To handle these errors, add a Catch block to a related Action or Map state. See Flow states retry and error handling.
Creating ZIS bundlesBundle contains duplicated resourcesThe names of custom actions, job specs, and flows must be unique within an integration. Check the names you're using and ensure they are unique within the bundle and within the integration.

Viewing ZIS logs

ZIS automatically logs certain runtime events, such as errors and successful executions, to the integrations log. You can add custom messages to the log using the Succeed and Fail states. To access the integrations log, see Viewing the integrations log in the Zendesk help center.