Zendesk Support can display links in tickets that let agents view external resources in the origin system. For example, an Instagram integration might pull comments from Instagram. If you enable clickthrough, the agent can click a link on a comment in Zendesk Support to view the comment in Instagram.

To enable this feature, you must build a clickthrough endpoint and specify its url in the integration manifest. Example:

"urls": {  "clickthrough_url": "",  ...}

Zendesk Support creates the links on tickets by using the clickthrough_url and the external_id for the external resource as a parameter. Example:

Your endpoint is responsible for showing the requested external resource to an agent in response to a GET request.

If you don't provide a clickthrough_url, Zendesk Support won’t display the links in tickets.

Note: Zendesk Support does not authenticate the agent with the origin service. If the clickthrough link requires login in the origin service, you must implement your own authentication control.