Channel installer app

Zendesk Support administrators install a channel integration in their Zendesk Support instance by installing a Zendesk app. A Zendesk app lets you add functionality to Zendesk products. Apps also let you sell and market your channel in the Zendesk Apps Marketplace. For example, see the Google Play Reviews app in the Marketplace.

The app must specify a channel integration as a requirement. See Specifying app requirements. The app may be a requirements-only app, which means it doesn't display anything or do anything except create the channel. Optionally, the app may have other functionality, in which case it should not be configured as a requirements-only app.

To build a Zendesk app that installs a channel in a Zendesk Support account

  1. Create all the files for a new app using the Zendesk apps tools (ZAT). For instructions, see Installing and using ZAT.

  2. Declare a channel integration as a requirement. You declare requirements in a file named requirements.json in your app's root directory. For instructions, see Declaring requirements.


    {  "channel_integrations": {	"omniwear_instagram_channel": {	  "manifest_url": ""	}  }}

    Replace "omniwear_instagram_channel" and the manifest_url value with your own values. The url must be HTTPS or you'll get an error creating requirements.

  3. If building a requirements-only app, configure the manifest.json file as described in Creating a requirements-only app.

  4. Validate and package the app with ZAT. See Validating your app.

  5. Upload your app. See Uploading and installing a private app.