Omnichannel routing configuration events

This page documents webhook request payloads for Omnichannel routing configuration events. For an overview, see Webhook event types.

Detail object properties

For omnichannel routing configuration events, the detail object contains the following properties:

  • account_id

Event types

The following sections contain example payloads and event object properties for omnichannel config event types.

Event typePayload and properties
zen:event-type:omnichannel_config.omnichannel_routing_feature_changedOmnichannel Routing Feature Setting Changed

Omnichannel Routing Feature Setting Changed

Omnichannel routing was turned on or off.

{  "account_id": 2,  "detail": {    "account_id": 2  },  "event": {    "previous_value": true,    "current_value": false  },  "id": "01GX79ST1QX01C889XV42S2J5Z",  "subject": "zen:account:2",  "time": "2023-05-10T23:31:58.642630335Z",  "type": "zen:event-type:omnichannel_config.omnichannel_routing_feature_changed",  "zendesk_event_version": "2022-11-06"}

The event object contains the following properties.

PropertyData typeDescription
previous_valuebooleanThe previous value
current_valuebooleanThe current value