This reference documentation provides a list of available event types for Zendesk webhooks and their related request payloads. For more information about webhooks, see Creating and monitoring webhooks.

Supported event types

Supported event types are grouped by domain:

Note: To send webhook requests based on ticket activity, connect the webhook to a trigger or automation instead. See Creating and monitoring webhooks.

Event schema

HTTP requests for Zendesk event webhooks use a similar JSON payload schema with shared properties. Events with the same event type use the same payload schema. An example event payload:

{  "type": "zen:event-type:user.active_changed",  "account_id": 12514403,  "id": "2b24ef10-19d4-4740-93cf-8f98ec4776c0",  "time": "2099-07-04T05:33:18Z",  "zendesk_event_version": "2022-06-20",  "subject": "zen:user:6596848315901",  "detail": {    "created_at": "2099-07-04T05:27:58Z",    "email": "[email protected]",    "external_id": "",    "default_group_id": "0",    "id": "6596848315901",    "organization_id": "0",    "role": "end-user",    "updated_at": "2099-07-04T05:33:18Z"  },  "event": {    "current": false,    "previous": true  }}

Top-level properties

All event payloads contain the following top-level properties.

Property Data type Description
account_id integer Zendesk account id associated with the event
detail object Resource created or changed by the event. See Detail object
event object Contains information about the event's changes. See Event object
id string Unique id for the event
subject string Contains the event's domain and an id for the resource created or changed by the event
time string Timestamp for when the event occurred
type string Type of activity the event recorded
zendesk_event_version string Event schema version. Possible value is "2022-06-20"

Detail object

The detail object contains information about the resource created or changed by the event. The object's properties vary based on the event's domain. You can determine an event's domain from the event's type prefix.

Zendesk event domain Type prefix Detail properties
Article zen:event-type/article Article detail properties
Community post zen:evnt-type/community_post Community post detail properties
Organization zen:event-type/organization Organization detail properties
User zen:event-type/user User detail properties
Agent Availability zen:event-type/agent Agent availability detail properties
Omnichannel routing configuration zen:event-type/omnichannel_config Omnichannel routing configuration detail properties

Event object

The event object contains information about the event's changes. The object's properties vary based on event type.

Zendesk event domain Event types
Article Article event types
Community post Community post event types
Organization Organization event types
User User event types
Agent Availability Agent Availability event types
Omnichannel Routing Configuration Omnichannel routing configuration event types