Building a chatbot integration with Zendesk

The Zendesk platform lets you easily connect your bot to Zendesk Support and Zendesk Chat and build amazing conversational experiences. We currently offer two sets of APIs that are flexible, scalable, and make it easy to connect and surface customer data for streamlined self-service. Which one is the right one for you?

Chatbots for live chat

If you’re looking to build a chatbot integration that supports live chat on your website and mobile apps, then you may want to consider using the Chat Conversations API.

When integrating with Chat Conversations API, you can:

  • Flow conversations into Zendesk Chat
  • Build synchronous messaging experiences. Synchronous messaging is the two-way mode of communication that characterizes live chat. It’s limited to real-time in the same way a phone call is. It requires most of your attention, and sessions have a defined beginning and end
  • Build simple workflows and automations native to Zendesk Chat

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Chatbots for messaging

If you’re looking to build an asynchronous messaging experience across web, mobile, and various social channels such as WhatsApp and Facebook, then you may want to consider integrating your chatbot with Sunshine Conversations.

Asynchronous messaging gives your customers the ability to respond or end the conversation when convenient for them regardless of the channel.

When integrating with Sunshine Conversations, you can:

  • Connect your chatbot to Zendesk Support or any third-party systems, including other chatbots and CRM software
  • Leverage rich message types such as carousels and forms and historical context to build highly advanced self-service use cases such as making a dinner reservation or picking a seat on a flight
  • Support more sophisticated routing logic such as Zendesk Support triggers and automations

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