Add conversational capabilities to your product or business.

Sunshine Conversations lets you:

  • Engage in one conversation across every channel

    Sunshine Conversations lets you put messaging everywhere your customers already are, including popular social messaging channels like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. Regardless of where the conversation takes place, the platform also maintains a single conversational record across those channels for a continuous conversational experience.

  • Build modern messaging into any application

    Sunshine Conversations gives you access to SDKs so that you can put modern messaging into all your brand properties, from web and mobile to fully integrating messaging into your software products. Unlike session-based chat, modern messaging is asynchronous, sessionless, and persistent. This way customers and businesses can respond at their earliest convenience, rather than locking parties into a single, discrete session which doesn’t provide any context about historical interactions with a customer.

  • Deliver interactive user experiences at scale

    Sunshine Conversations helps you go beyond texting with rich, interactive messaging capabilities. This includes AI that can intelligently orchestrate conversations, bots that can automate agent interactions, and interactive messages that integrate apps and drive users towards action, like browsing products, making reservations, and completing payments.

  • Share customer conversations across your business

    Sunshine Conversations lets you share a single, continuous conversation with every team in your business. With a unified API and native connectors to popular business applications like Zendesk and Slack, everyone in your organization can get access to a single view of the customer conversation.

Getting started


Sunshine Conversations makes it easy to add conversational capabilities to your product or business. In these docs you’ll find everything you need to use the platform.

API Quickstart

This quickstart guide will walk you how to connect Facebook Messenger to Sunshine Conversations and send an automated response to any Facebook Messenger user who sends you a message.

Key Concepts

The glossary below defines key Sunshine Conversations concepts and how they relate to each other.

Programmable Conversations

A person having one conversation across multiple messaging apps

Sunshine Conversations’ architecture is centered on the concept of a conversation. A conversation is an exchange of messages between a particular user and your systems.

Try starting with Sending Messages and Receiving Messages.


A series of popular messaging app logos that provides an example of available channels

A channel is a user facing messenger from which end-users can send messages to Sunshine Conversations apps.

Sunshine Conversations integrations can be divided roughly into:

Over-the-top (OTT) messaging apps (for example: Facebook Messenger or Viber). SMS (through integrations with third parties like Twilio). Pre-skinned messaging SDKs (for Web, Android, and iOS).

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Built-in Integrations

If you’re a business, you can use Sunshine Conversations built-in integrations to chat with customers from your existing tools.

Business Systems

Sunshine Conversations allows you to integrate many popular business systems in a single click, so that you’re able to manage conversations with your users over any channel.

Stripe payments

Stripe is a developer-friendly platform that instantly enables businesses to accept and manage payments online and in mobile apps.

Office hours

Office Hours is an add-on built by Sunshine Conversations which lets you send an automatic reply to customers who message your team outside of your preferred work hours.