Agent Availability API

The Zendesk Agent Availability API allows you to query the availability of a particular agent, or of many agents that meet certain criteria.

An agent’s availability includes their state (such as online) for each channel (such as messaging), and their unified state across channels. It also includes the work items assigned to them for each channel and (for certain channels) their maximum capacity per channel.

You can use the Agent Availability API to enhance or develop monitoring, reporting, or routing functionality.

Run in Postman

If you use Postman, you can import the Agent Availabilities API endpoints as a collection into your Postman app, then try out different requests to learn how the API works. Click the following button to get started:

Run in Postman

If you don't use Postman, you can sign up for a free account on the Postman website and download the app. For more information about using Postman with Zendesk APIs, see Exploring Zendesk APIs with Postman.

Response format

This API is based on the JSON:API specification, and this documentation assumes that you are familiar with that specification. It supports cursor pagination, and does not support offset pagination.