This is the reference documentation for the Zendesk Talk API. The Talk API is part of the Zendesk v2 API. Any general mechanisms and conventions, such as authentication and pagination, work as described in the Support v2 API documentation and are considered implied in this reference.

Use the Talk API in conjunction with the Support API to work with Talk agents, groups, and tickets.

If you have the Talk Partner Edition, several additional endpoints are available for building integrations. See the Talk Partner Edition API documentation. For potential features you can build, see the Talk Partner Edition developer guide.

Rate limits

The Support API rate limits apply for the Talk API as well. Talk has the following additional rate limits:

Endpoint Rate limit
All 15,000 reqs / 5 minutes
Current Queue Activity 2,500 reqs / 5 minutes
Create Callback Request 30 reqs / 10 minutes