Integrating telephony systems with Talk Partner Edition

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Zendesk Talk is designed to meet many of your voice communications needs and we have a range of plans for differing company needs. More details on these may be found at

We recognize that many of our customers may have an existing telephony system or wish to use other telephony systems. With our Zendesk Talk Partner Edition API, you can integrate third-party telephony systems with Zendesk Support.

A telephony event triggers one or more actions in Zendesk Support. For example, when an agent answers a call, the telephony system can create and display a ticket in Zendesk Support. Additionally, you can use the Zendesk Apps framework to display call controls in the Zendesk Support interface for a more consistent agent experience.

Here are some of the suggested tasks a telephony system can perform in Zendesk Support using the API. Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive; the options are endless.

  • Identifying a user based on a phone number
  • Creating a user if the number is not recognized
  • Identifying an agent based on the phone device
  • Creating a ticket and displaying it to an agent (Talk Partner Edition only)
  • Opening an existing ticket for an agent (Talk Partner Edition only)
  • Displaying a user’s profile to an agent (Talk Partner Edition only)
  • Adding a recording or transcription to a ticket (Talk Partner Edition only)
  • Creating a voicemail ticket (Talk Partner Edition only)

For details, see the documentation on the Zendesk APIs, specifically the Talk Partner Edition API documentation.