Integrate your own call center solution with Zendesk APIs

Integrate other telephony systems

Integrating telephony systems with Talk Partner Edition\ Learn some of the suggested tasks a telephony system can perform in Zendesk Support using the API.

Building telephony integration features\ Learn how to build common integration features using the Zendesk platform. The platform includes the Talk Partner Edition API to use as a CTI toolkit, and the Zendesk Apps framework to extend the agent interface in Support.

Embedding a softphone in Support\ Embedding a web-based softphone directly in the agent interface in Zendesk Support eliminates toggling between screens. Learn how to do this with top bar apps.

Creating and updating tickets

Adding a recording or transcript to an existing ticket\ Add a voice recording or transcript to an existing ticket after a call is concluded. The API adds the recording or transcript to the ticket in a new comment.

Creating a ticket based on a voicemail\ Create a ticket based on a voicemail left by a caller. The API adds the recording to the ticket's first comment.

Saving other data in a ticket\ Populate a ticket with other data collected in the IVR, during a call, and after the call ends. You can use the data to support reporting and business flow rules.