Making calls by clicking a phone number in Support

Agents can make outbound calls by clicking a phone number in a ticket or a user profile in Zendesk Support.

Calling from a ticket:

Calling from a user profile:

How it works

The phone numbers in tickets and profiles are activated by installing a Zendesk app that listens to the voice.dialout event.

When a user clicks a phone number in a ticket or user profile, the voice.dialout event fires and returns an event payload:

{  "number": "+12125555555",  "from": "user1",  "userId": 123,  "ticketId": 42}

Use the data (specified as e in the following example) to initiate an outbound call:

client.on('voice.dialout', function(e) {  makeCall(e);});

For more information, see Working with framework events.

You can use the optional voice.error event to handle errors. For example, if the TPE subscription is not available for the current account, the voice.error event fires and returns the following payload:

{  "code": 1,  "message": "Forbidden: check Talk Partner Edition subscription"}

Sample app

See the Talk Partner Sample App on GitHub. The app listens to voice.dialout and voice.error and displays their payload.