Making calls by clicking a phone number in Sell

You can let users make outbound calls by clicking a phone number in a contact or lead record.

Sell outbound call

How it works

The phone numbers in contact and lead records are activated by installing a Zendesk app that listens to the voice.dialout event in the Zendesk Apps framework. See voice.dialout in the Apps Sell API docs.

When a user clicks a phone number in a lead or contact record, the voice.dialout event fires and returns an event payload. For example:

{    "number": "+1234352356",    "resource_id": 988,    "resource_type": "lead",    "resource_name": "Sarah Smith"}

Use the data (specified as e in the following example) to initiate an outbound call:

client.on('voice.dialout', function(e) {makeCall(e);});

See Working with events in the Apps Developer Guide.