Saving other data in a ticket

The call object used by Talk Partner Edition can be used to store call-related information in Zendesk. The majority of the information within the standard call object pertains to transactions, such as call_started_at, wait_time, and duration. We recommend using the standard call object with the latest Talk Partner Edition voice comment to save and display call-related details within the ticket.

However, the standard call object might not cover all your use cases. For example, you may want to display the following in the ticket:

  • Quality of the call
  • The mood of the caller
  • Data collected in the IVR that is related to the case in hand (like the order number), but not the call or the caller

You can use internal comments, tags or custom ticket fields to save this kind of data in a ticket.

If you build a Zendesk app to embed a softphone in a Support account, Zendesk suggests adding the custom ticket fields programmatically when the app is installed in the account by an admin. For more information, see:

Once the custom ticket fields are added, the telephony system can populate these fields at any point using the Tickets API. Here is an example JSON request body:

{  "ticket": {    "priority": "urgent",    "custom_fields": [{"id": 21938362, "value": "hd_3000"}]  }}

For more information, see Setting custom field values in the Tickets API doc.

Another benefit of using the Tickets API is that data will be available in Zendesk Explore, the reporting product for Support.

To learn more, see: