Building telephony integration features

Zendesk Talk Partner Edition provides Zendesk technology partners with the ability to integrate telephony hardware and software with Zendesk Support. You don't need to install anything on an agent’s computer.

This guide shows you how to build common integration features using the Zendesk platform. The platform includes the Talk Partner Edition API to use as a CTI toolkit, and the Zendesk Apps framework to extend the agent interface in Support.

This guide outlines the following integration features:

The feature list is not exhaustive. The integration features you can build are limited only by your creativity.


As a telephony partner, your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing, applying, and deploying telecommunication services to electronically transmit voice between a business and a customer
  • Inbound/outbound call blending, call routing, agent presence management, IVR, storage of call recordings, and providing voicemail capabilities
  • Providing call controls through a Zendesk app or desk phone
  • A cloud or premise platform to support CTI connectors or components that are required to support the integration

Zendesk Talk Partner Edition (and Zendesk) is browser- and platform-agnostic.

Make sure to set up a Zendesk Support instance through or get access to an existing Zendesk instance.

When creating an integration, make sure it works over SSL.

Requests to the Talk Partner Edition API should be made server-side by the telephony platform, or server-side or client-side by a Zendesk app built with the Zendesk Apps framework.


For reference documentation, see the following docs:

For questions and answers, see the following community forums:


To use any telephony integration developed with the Zendesk platform, you must have a Zendesk Talk Partner Edition subscription for each agent using the integration. For details, see the Zendesk Talk Pricing page.