Creating a contact or lead in Sell for a caller

The telephony system can create a contact or lead in Zendesk Sell using only a caller's phone number. For example, the system can create a contact or lead for a caller after searching for the caller in Sell and not finding them.

Use the Create a Contact endpoint in the Zendesk Sell API to create a contact in Sell. Or use the Create a Lead endpoint to create a lead. Note that you use a truncated path for the URL:

POST /v2/contacts.json

POST /v2/leads.json

The endpoint expects a JSON object named data. For example:

{  "data": {    "name": "Mark Johnson",    "first_name": "Mark",    "last_name": "Johnson",    "title": "CEO",    "phone": "508-778-6516"    ...    },    "tags": [      "contractor",      "early-adopter"    ],    "custom_fields": {      "referral_website": ""    }  }}

The phone property should comply with the E.164 international telephone numbering plan. For example: "+15551234567". E164 numbers are international numbers with a country dial prefix, usually an area code and a subscriber number. A valid E.164 phone number must include a country calling code.

For new leads, the last_name property is required for individuals and organization_name for an organization. For new contacts, first_name and last_name is required for individuals, and name for organizations. You can supply a temporary name such as "Caller: 15551234567". The agent can then get more information from the user when on the call, such as their name and email address.

For details about the JSON object, see Contacts and Leads in the Sell developer docs.