Reading and modifying the unified agent state

The Zendesk Agent Availability APIs allow your telephony system to access and update real-time agent availability information, including unified and custom agent statuses, across various Zendesk channels.

With the Availability APIs, your system can:

  • Obtain real-time agent statuses across Zendesk channels, including unified and custom statuses.
  • Develop custom real-time monitoring systems to display and manage agent statuses across Zendesk channels.
  • Enhance existing agent activity and performance tracking systems with real-time agent status and workload data.

It's recommended to employ the Agent State API when integrating your telephony application with Zendesk. This ensures that an agent is not engaged with another live channel, such as Messaging, before a call is routed to them.

For your telephony system, it's important to use these APIs to maintain the accuracy of the agent's state when a call is received. This prevents other active channels from assigning additional tasks to the agent.