Adding a recording or notes for a call

Your telephony system can make Sell requests to the Calls API to create and update call information when a call is concluded. The API can add the recording URL or allow the caller to add a note to the call. In the call activity feed in Sell, you can play and stop a voice recording.

To add a voice recording or notes to a call

  1. Retrieve the contact or lead ID of a caller. See Identifying the caller.

  2. Use the contact or lead ID to make a request to the Update a Call endpoint to add a voice recording or add a note:

    PUT /v2/calls/{lead_or_contact_id}
  3. In the request body, specify a data object with the summary property for a note, or the recording_url property for the voice recording. Example:

    { "data": {     "resource_type": "lead",     "resource_id": 12345,     "summary": "Schedule another call in one week.",     "Recording_url": ""     "outcome_id": 8,     "duration": 130,     "phone_number": "+44-208-1234567",     "incoming": true,     "missed": false,     "made_at": "2021-10-02T11:08:56Z",     "external_id": "a897658e-5e44-4477-9102-d576a2601284"     } }

    Zendesk Sell does not store the actual recording file. It stores a link to the file. The audio file must be in MP3 or WAV format.