What is Sunshine Conversations?

Sunshine Conversations helps businesses unify messages from every channel into a single conversation and build interactive experiences anywhere.

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You can accomplish the following with Sunshine Conversations:

  • Engage in one conversation across every channel

    Sunshine Conversations lets you put messaging everywhere your customers already are, including popular social messaging channels like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. Regardless of where the conversation takes place, the platform also maintains a single conversational record across those channels for a continuous conversational experience.

  • Build modern messaging into any application

    Sunshine Conversations gives you access to SDKs so that you can put modern messaging into all your brand properties, from web and mobile to fully integrating messaging into your software products. Unlike session-based chat, modern messaging is asynchronous, sessionless, and persistent. This way customers and businesses can respond at their earliest convenience, rather than locking parties into a single, discrete session which doesn’t provide any context about historical interactions with a customer.

  • Deliver interactive user experiences at scale

    Sunshine Conversations helps you go beyond texting with rich, interactive messaging capabilities. This includes AI that can intelligently orchestrate conversations, bots that can automate agent interactions, and interactive messages that integrate apps and drive users towards action, like browsing products, making reservations, and completing payments.

  • Share customer conversations across your business

    Sunshine Conversations lets you share a single, continuous conversation with every team in your business. With a unified API and native connectors to popular business applications like Zendesk and Slack, everyone in your organization can get access to a single view of the customer conversation.


  • Channel Access

    Sunshine Conversations unlocks access to the most popular messaging software out there today, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter and WeChat. Click here for a full list of channels.

  • Native Web, iOS, Android SDKs

    Sunshine Conversations also offers native SDKs for Web, iOS, and Android. Beautifully designed, they give developers the tools to build native messaging on web and mobile, and a variety of conversation extensions that help them design interactive experiences directly into the messenger. With these extensions, customers can take action such as browse products, book reservations, and make payments without ever having to leave the conversational interface.

  • Unified API

    Sunshine Conversations is powered by a unified conversations API that gives you access to every channel. This API understands the complete feature set available on every third-party channel, and abstracts away the complexity of maintaining connections to each channel individually.

  • Bots

    While Sunshine Conversations is not a bot platform, many customers build their own bot or integrate third-party bots into the messaging experience. The benefit of building on the Conversations platform is the included intelligence - channel switching logic and the ability to hand off conversations between a bot and a live agent. Plus, with unified channel access, you can build a bot once, and deploy it on every channel.

  • Rich Message Framework

    The Rich Message Framework allows developers to build interactive message types (lists, forms, carousels, message actions, and more). This framework then automatically adapts those message types to the best fit format available on third party channels.

  • Notification API

    The Notification API allows businesses to proactively contact customers on their preferred channel (such as WhatsApp) without having a prior conversation or user profile. External IDs such as phone numbers or email addresses are used to push messages proactively to users.